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Recently I have completed a couple of sets of prints from very old archive images that were required to be displayed in two new international retail refurbishment projects.

Crockett & Jones are a very prestigious local business, who have been making gentlemen’s boots and shoes here in Northampton since 1879. They are a real succcess story for the town, and their factory in Perry Street is a true local landmark. So it was a true honour when they approached me for advice on some prints they needed to produce for a couple of their international retail stores.

They had high resolution scans from negatives of some pictures taken in the factory way back in the 1920s. The very same factory where they still produce their shoes today. They needed some high quality prints made to be hung on the walls of their newly refurbished stores in New York and Brussels. They had prints produced before that simply did not hit the mark – they did not gel as a set, they had a very stark “modern” look that did not fit with the “vintage feel” that they were looking for.

So my first job was paper selection. Most modern paper stock is designed to be as white as possible, which is the problem they had encountered previously, the whites were too “cool”. So that is why we decided upon Canson Platine fine art paper – a lovely paper with a deep lustre finish, rich blacks and greys and a warmer white base that would suit precisely images of this vintage. A more antique finish.

With paper decided upon it was then a matter of working a little on the images. Not so much reworking that they started to look too “over-enhanced”, enough adjustments of the tones to make them a more coherent set, but they are old images and needed to remain that way. Less is more.

So vintage image files of Northampton’s industrial heritage, reworked just enough to work as a set, printed on Canson Platine fine art paper right here in Northampton. One set heading out across the globe to enhance the historic Crockett & Jones brand abroad, and one set remaining at Perry Street in the company archive. I am very proud to have played a part in that, and perhaps to have preserved a little local history for a further generation.

You too could have some Corporate Fine Art Printing for your brand marketing.

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