Print Finishing

Print finishing, for enhanced presentation and protection, with laminates and mounting substrates.

Print Finishing

Mounting prints and adding laminates both enhance presentation and add protection against physical and UV damage.

Rigid mounting substrates improve handling & longevity.
– Card, MDF, Foam & PVC are available
Laminates further enhance and protect your images
– Standard gloss, satin and matt, or textured finishes

Rigid mounting substrates are ideal for prints that are destined for presentations, that may need to be handled over and over again, or perhaps you need prints mounted ready for framing at a later date. These materials give your prints that extra resistance to handling damage.

Laminates not only protect the print from UV and physical damage, the varied finishes can add a special finishing touch. Laminated prints can also be displayed without glass providing further creative framing options.

Prophoto Solutions is a trading name of the commercial photo printing and bespoke picture framing service by Jon P Farmer in Northampton.
Jon also provides Commercial & Corporate Event Photography trading as Prophoto Services.